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Storm Drains in Covington



 HSCC1 & Services is a family owned company started in 2006 for serving the community of Covington, WA with sewer and septic drain repairs and maintenance services.


We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.


Why spend excessively on sewer drain repairs when HSCC1 & Services provides high-quality drainage services at affordable prices?


When you choose us, you are assured of committed drain repair services delivered with expert craftsmanship, reliability, and honesty.


We replace old drains and pipe lines without any digging, thereby saving you lot of money and time along with avoiding destruction of your landscape, driveway, and yard.


HSCC1 & Services performs extensive nationwide background checks and drug tests all employees.


You can count on us for excellent services 24x7 provided by courteous and professional technicians & advisors.


We are superior at providing comprehensive drainage and sewer repair services.



Maple Valley, Issaquah, Renton, & North Bend Storm Drain Repair



Without proper care and maintenance of your storm drains, there will be disrupted and clogged water drainage from your septic and sewer drain. storm-drain-cleaning-covington-wa


Clogged drains lead to water blockages, sewage and debris back-up, and awful odor.


The main problems which are generally faced by residential and commercial customers are clogging in bathroom sink drain, kitchen drains, shower and tub drains, downspout drains and main sewer lines.


Whether you need servicing for your basement flood because of sewer drain backup from clogged storm drains, or want installation of a new storm drain, we are here to help!



 ·    Clogged Drains
·    High Velocity Water Jetting
·    Sewer and Septic Lines Repair and Replacement
·    Underground Pipes
·    Septic Drain and Tank Installation
·    Video Line Inspection
·    Drain Flushing



Superior Storm Drains in Covington, Maple Valley, Issaquah, Renton, & North Bend WA



Established in 2006, HSCC1 & Services combines years of experience with cutting-edge equipment and tools for providing reliable quality sewer and septic drain services.


We never leave the job unfinished and always make sure that the site is clean after the work has been completed.


 ·    Professional and Friendly Staff
·    Reliable and Prompt Storm Drain Repair Services
·    Clean, neat ,and Expertly Trained  Professionals
·    Guarantee of Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
·    Trusted Work and Solid Reputation


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